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The New Dimension of Prefabricated Home Offices & Garden Offices

The New Dimension of Prefabricated Home Offices & Garden Offices

The Future of Modular Architecture


The foundation of the garden rooms must be prepared before delivery. The type of the foundation always depends on the quality of the soil. 

We offer 4 solutions: Ground bolt, Installation of concrete columns, concrete posts and full-length solid concrete foundation.


The location of the house must be checked with the local Council and have to mach the local building regulations.


The utility supplies of the building as the sewer, water and electricity are all preinstalled at a fixed point of the bottom of the building. 

At the same time as the foundation, We recommend to prepare that the electrical ground cable, waste pipe and water supply at the same when the foundation built. 


With regards to landscaping and fencing we strongly recommend to be done after the installation of the house in all cases.


After the building has been placed on its place by crane,  the next step is to check for any cracks on the interior walls. These cracks are very rare.  Even the traditional built brick houses have settlement cracks. 

However, while in traditional construction, these cracks appear on the buildings after 6-8 months, if we have any, we repair them immediately after delivery.


If the customer has chosen rendered plaster as the external finish, it will also be applied after installation. This takes maximum of 3-6 days, depending on the weather.


It takes only 2-3 days to complete the installation and connect to the already prepared utilities. 

Thus, the whole procedure does not take more than 1-2 weeks.

That's how we prepare the foundation and landscape
for the buildings.

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